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My name is Norman Rozental and this site was created because I wanted an easier way of watching app reviews - and only app reviews. I'm not sure about you, but I find searching and watching app reviews on YouTube a little tedious. All I wanted was to watch an app review for the iPhone in a matter of seconds. Just type in the name of the app and that's it.

So thanks to the awesome YouTube API, this site was born. Just type / select an app name, press Enter or click the 'Watch review' button and that's it!

You can view additional reviews by clicking the 'Watch next review' button under the video or sit back and relax as the next review will play automatically when the current video has ended. There are 3 reviews available which I think is more than enough.

The reviews that are shown are the top 3 most viewed reviews on YouTube so I'd say the reviews are generally useful. I also skip the first 7 seconds of each review as the intros (usually) tend to drag on a bit.

The site also shows in real time the reviews that other people are watching which could be a great way of discovering apps. It's broken into two seperate lists - iOS on the left and Android on the right. And what's great is that clicking on these links will start playing the review.

I hope you find it useful. It might not be perfect at this early stage. Anyway, thanks to the reviewers that constantly review apps! This site wouldn't be the same without you.

If you want to get in touch, I can be contacted on twitter.

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